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Club for Growth toadie Sen. Pat Toomey (Tea-Pa) tells his supporters he will oppose the nomination of Loretta Lynch as U.S. Attorney General. Lynch should have said President Barack Obama violated the U.S. Constitution when he issued executive orders to relieve the immigration crisis, according to Toomey. Obama said in June 2014 he would act because Republicans in Congress would not. It has been widely reported presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush issued similar executive orders to keep families together. Toomey’s argument is absurd considering the Bush/Cheney administration stands convicted of war crimes. #PatToomeylies

Senator Pat Toomey has announced that he will vote against the confirmation of Loretta Lynch as United States Attorney General.

In an email to supporters, Toomey cited his “concerns about whether she would uphold the rule of law and defend the Constitution in the face of President Obama’s executive actions.”

“When pressed on whether she thought the Obama Administration’s unilateral executive action granting legal status and work permits to more than 4 million illegal immigrants,” Toomey wrote. “Lynch said that President Obama had the legal authority to do so.”

Toomey maintained that Lynch “couldn’t be more wrong” about her statement regarding Obama’s legal authority to use executive actions. The Senator originally made these charges back in February and apparently has not changed his mind.

via PA-Sen: Toomey to Oppose Confirmation of Loretta Lynch | PoliticsPA.

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