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PA Wilds, a sustainable tourism business initiative in north central Pennsylvania, has announced the 2015 Champion of the PA Wilds award winners, according to PA Environment Daily. PA Wilds describes its service area:

The Pennsylvania Wilds is a 12 1/2-county region that offers tremendous outdoor experiences, some of the best in the nation, with 29 state parks, 50 state game lands, abundant wildlife and hundreds of miles of land and water trails. The amount of public land in the region — more than 2 million acres — is comparable to Yellowstone. The region is home to the largest elk herd in the northeast, some of the darkest skies in the country, and boasts a rich oil and lumber history. More than 50 million people live within a day’s drive of the Pennsylvania Wilds — making it an attractive place to come hunt, bike, hike, camp, fish, canoe, explore America’s heritage and more.

The press release announcing the award winners says the champions will be honored at a dinner April 23 in St Marys, Pa..

Business owners, citizens and organizations from across the 12 ½ county Pennsylvania Wilds region have earned awards for their contributions in sustainable tourism development and will be honored at an awards dinner and regional tourism briefing April 23.

Americans spend more than $640 billion a year on outdoor gear and trips and travel to get outdoors, and communities in the Pennsylvania Wilds are in great position to grow this industry given the region’s natural landscape and entrepreneurial background.

For the last decade, dozens of local, state and federal partners from the public and private sectors have worked together to do just that in order to create jobs, diversify local economies, improve quality of life and inspire stewardship in the Pennsylvania Wilds.

Each year, the PA Wilds Team, a guiding partnership in this effort, gives out a small number of “Champion of the Pennsylvania Wilds” awards to recognize outstanding efforts by local partners in this work.

Awards Committee Chair Bob Imhof said this was another year of strong nominations.

“The work being done by local partners in the Pennsylvania Wilds region is truly humbling,” Imhof said. “We’ve got people expanding businesses, helping us build the Pennsylvania Wilds brand through local and national media, donating equipment to support key tourism events, developing trails, inspiring our youth.

“The PA Wilds Team recognizes the tremendous effort put forth by so many dedicated individuals and groups and are proud to be able to honor them with these awards. Their hard work benefits residents and visitors alike.”

The 2015 Champion of the PA Wilds award winners are listed below. The winners will be recognized with a wooden plaque and citations from state and federal legislators at the PA Wilds Annual Dinner and Awards Banquet April 23 at the Red Fern in St Marys.

via PA Environment Daily.

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