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October 8th, 2014 by | 0

Carl had an interesting experience over the weekend at his camp on Penns Creek

Hey Bill!

Went up to camp this weekend but never wet a line.  Pretty windy and cold all  weekend.  That’s not to say, however, that I didn’t get any fish.  In fact, they were literally falling from the sky.  I was working Satch on long distance retrieves in this large expanse of mowed grass.  There was an immature bald eagle circling overhead being harassed by a crow.  Donna said she thought the eagle dropped something because she heard a thump.  I was too far away so she couldn’t have heard me tossing the dummy.  We walked over to where she heard it, and there in the grass, still gasping for breath, was a 12” brown trout.  Now I could have cooked it for dinner, but I left it for the eagle to recover.  It was gone the next day but I suspect a raccoon or fox got it and the eagle had to go fishing again.  I can’t say this ever happened before when I was training a dog.

I've been an investigative reporter for more than 40 years and taught journalism at the college level for another 10. I've owned and trained retrievers, pointers and spaniels for about the same amount of time. My love of the outdoors and interest in cooking, eating and libations has been life-long, starting on my family's farm in Indiana and the hearty home-cooked meals there.

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