Club for Growth Darling Sen. Pat Toomey Received $5,400 from John E. Bush | PoliticsPA

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John E. Bush is throwing cash at Republican senators and congressmen as part of his campaign for president, according to PoliticsPA. Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey (Tea-Pa) received the maximum contribution allowed under the law.

Raising money is the hardest, most tedious task for politicians. So it always helps when a colleague or fellow party member can kick in some cash.

At least that’s what former Florida Governor and 2016 presidential candidate Jeb Bush is hoping.

Bush (son of the the 41st President, older brother to the 43rd) donated $117,800 to Republican Senators and Congressmen throughout the nation.

Among the recipients of Jeb’s cash was Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey, who got the maximum $5,400.

via PA-Sen: Toomey Receives $5,400 from Jeb Bush | PoliticsPA.

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  1. Salty Bill says:

    […] Club for Growth darling and avowed “small government”#Teapublican Sen. Pat Toomey (PA-TEA) voted June 4 against a proposed amendment to the Military Construction Authorization Act that would have changed the definition of spouse for the purposes of veterans benefits to each state’s definition for awarding health benefits. Did he not get the memo from Fox News? […]

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