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Beaver County Sen. Elder Vogel (Tea-Pa-47) is again proposing legislation to create a nutrient trading regime in Pennsylvania, according to Chesapeake Bay Foundation-PA. Rather than improving the condition of Pennsylvania waterways and the Chesapeake Bay, Vogel would allow water treatment facilities to buy indulgences rather than actually improving water quality, according to the foundation. If adopted, the nutrient trading regime would not reduce nitrogen and sedimentation pollution but would put more cash in the hands of polluters.

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation-PA says Senate Bill 724 (Vogel-R-Beaver) threatens to derail current clean water restoration efforts and divert critical funding from proven science-based practices, while favoring proprietary, corporate-backed and costly manure technologies.

CBF is disappointed that Senate Bill 724 was introduced April 14, as a reconstituted version of the flawed and failed Senate Bill 994 from the legislature’s last session. Sen. Elder Vogel (R-Beaver) was the prime sponsor of both bills.

“Although some phrases are different in the latest Senate Bill 724, it is still a fundamentally flawed bill,” said CBF’s Pennsylvania Executive Director Harry Campbell.

Pennsylvania must accelerate progress if it is to have 60 percent of the pollution reduction practices in place by 2017, the first formal deadline.

The Commonwealth’s nitrogen and sediment pollution reduction commitments from agriculture and urban polluted runoff are considerably off-track. Pennsylvania appears to be on track to meet its phosphorus reduction goal.

A recent report by the PA Auditor General on the Commonwealth’s efforts to meet its pollution reduction goals for the Chesapeake Bay, urged greater support for the use of low-cost solutions and technologies as alternatives to higher-cost public and infrastructure projects.

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