About Bill

Welcome to Salty Bill — where we focus on the manly — and womanly — passions of dogs, hunting, fishing, preparing and eating good food, beer, wine and distilled beverages, and living well.

I’ve been an investigative reporter for more than 40 years and taught journalism at the college level for another 10. I’ve owned and trained retrievers, pointers and spaniels for about the same amount of time. My love of the outdoors and interest in cooking, eating and libations has been life-long, starting on my family’s farm in Indiana and the hearty home-cooked meals there.

I own two field-bred English cocker spaniels — Gus, the master hunter, and Puck, currently a senior hunter working his way up. You’ll be seeing a lot of them in the videos I’ll be shooting. I judge AKC hunt tests for upland hunting dogs and am active in several AKC clubs the support field-trial and hunt tests. The dogs and I can be found outdoors most nice days training or upland hunting. That is, except during deer season, when I’m in the woods all day, usually up in a tree. I also try to find a few days to fish — often for panfish but also for trout and for catfish.

As a journalist, I covered communities from South Carolina to Oregon. I also spent time focusing on environmental toxins and learned much about these and other threats to our land, our health and our food supply — and what we can do to reduce and eliminate these threats.

Having observed the social, economic and political changes we’ve endured as a result of corporatization of news and attacks on institutions built to protect us from ignorance and corporate grifting, it is clear to me well-informed citizens are vital to the self-governance. Informed citizens are necessary to protect and preserve the republic.

And that’s where this blog comes in. Here you will learn how to cook slow food using equipment you have around your house, train your own dogs — even if you live in a townhouse — and how to enjoy your store-bought food and drink — and the outdoors — safely and healthily. I’ll also keep you informed of environmental, industrial and political threats to our community — and what you can do about them.

I look forward to hearing from you — let me know what you’re enjoying, and what you’d like to see more in these pages. Contact me at bill@saltybill.com. And remember — stay salty!

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